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Welcome to my art blog! People know me as FallenZephyr, but just call me Fallen c: I'm currently studying in the SIAT program (School of Interactive Arts and Technology) at SFU

I enjoy drawing things like dragons, fantastical creatures, Pokemon, animals, and other random things!

This blog is mostly SFW. Please read my FAQ before asking me any questions!

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  1. Am I allowed to share or repost your art on other sites?
  2. What do I do if someone has stolen your art or posted it on another site without your permission?
  3. Am I allowed to use any of your art on my blog/website, etc.?
  4. Am I allowed to trace/reference/copy your artwork?
  5. Am I allowed to use your icons/patterns on my blog? How do I credit you?
  6. How come you don’t have your patterns up on Spoonflower/Redbubble/Society6 etc.? You should sell them as prints!


Q1: Am I allowed to share or repost your art on other sites?

A: Yes, I do allow people to share my artwork, but I don’t allow my art to be reposted on other sites unless I personally have approved and granted permission for my art to be posted there (Approved sites: derpibooru, Reddit).

The difference between SHARING and REPOSTING/REHOSTING:

  • SHARING is simply linking back to the original source from where the content originated from. Sharing includes things like reblogging or sharing a link on another site.
  • REPOSTING/REHOSTING is taking the content, hosting it on another site, then distributing the content regardless if the content has been credited/sourced or not.

Please keep in mind that you may share my art as long as you do the following:

  • Like/reblog/fav my work c:
  • Link back to the original post; don’t rehost on other imaging sites like imgur, tinypic, etc.
  • Please REBLOG my artwork from my art blog rather than reposting it!

However, here’s what I don’t allow:

  • Sharing my artwork without properly crediting or sourcing it
  • Reposting my artwork on Tumblr; please REBLOG from my art blog instead!
  • Reposting my artwork on sites other than the ones I personally have approved
  • Using my art in your own work, which I consider to be art theft
  • Claiming my artwork as yours, which is also art theft
  • Altering my art in any way, shape or form, which is an infringement on copyright laws
  • Removing my watermark/signature, which is also an infringement on copyright laws


Q2: What do I do if I find someone has stolen your art or posted it on another site without your permission?

Please send me a message ASAP with details on where you found my art! Don’t harass or contact the person(s) who stole/reposted my work, I will personally take care of the culprit(s).


Q3: Am I allowed to use any of your art on my blog/website/etc.?

A: No, I don’t typically allow the use of my art on blogs/websites/etc. unless the image(s) were commissioned by yourself and I have given you permission to use them on your personal blog/website.

I do have some free to use resources listed below that you can use though, provided that appropriate credit is given!


Q4: Am I allowed to trace/reference/copy your artwork?

Nope, sorry. I don’t allow people to trace/reference/copy my work. If you get some inspiration from my art that’s perfectly fine and I encourage you to look at lots of other artists’ works, but I don’t particularly like it when people just copy or trace over my work, or even reference it.

The reason why I don’t allow people to use my work as a reference or to copy is because simply copying other peoples’ art doesn’t mean you become a “better” artist, it just means you can copy someone else’s style or techniques. You don’t get the whole “process” of how the artist got there, such as ideas, concepts, thought process, etc. Also, by copying the works of other artists, you unknowingly gain their bad drawing habits, the most common being poor anatomy! In my opinion, some of the best methods of improving:

  • Collect lots of art that inspires you and just look at it for inspiration and ideas.
  • Use photo references! Can’t get that leg or hand to look right? Look up some pictures to get the idea of how each part is structured, then go back to the piece you were working on.
  • Repeatedly draw something until you feel relatively comfortable with it and without having to constantly use a reference to draw it!
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • Don’t worry about developing a style. Just worry about getting the basics down, and your own style will eventually shine through.

And the most important thing: How you improve as an artist is really up to the choices you make with your art and how you learn

Oh, and here’s some good articles on why it’s not the best idea to copy an artist’s work:


Q5: Am I allowed to use your icons/patterns on my blog? How do I credit you?

A: Yes, you’re allowed to use any of my free resources on your blog provided that you give me credit for using them!

This DOES NOT include any commissions, personal works (such as my OCs, fanart, original works), gifts for others, etc. You are only allowed to use work that I have explicitly stated that may be used freely.

If you would like to use any of my free resources, please note:

  • Please like/reblog my work if you intend to use it!
  • Appropriate credit for using my resources must be given by providing a link back to the original post somewhere on your blog! Good places to post credit would be your blog description, an about me page, or a credits page!
  • All of my resources are for personal use only for things such as blog backgrounds, computer wallpapers, site icons, etc. You cannot sell, make prints of, claim, modify, or redistribute any of my work!

Here’s a list of the free resources that I currently have:

If you’re interested in making your own patterns, I also have a tutorial on how to make one:


Q6: How come you don’t have your patterns up on Spoonflower/Redbubble/Society6 etc.? You should sell them as fabrics!

A: I actually considered putting up my patterns to sell as fabrics but here’s the thing: I don’t make much money from using 3rd party sites and from what I’ve heard from other artists, you have to be insanely dedicated to selling designs as fabrics to break even or profit. I’m simply too busy with school and work… and besides, I make patterns for fun because I enjoy it, not for profit!

Also, most of my patterns are fanart of copyrighted characters, which means that it’s illegal for me to sell the designs using a 3rd party site (and in their Terms and Conditions they do explicitly state that no copyrighted work may be used as designs).

I would also like to request that you please do not post or submit my patterns and designs to sites like Spoonflower and Redbubble; by doing this you’re actually hurting the artist who drew them (which would be me!) because I don’t get credit or earnings; only the site you submitted them to does.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!