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PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT accepting suggestions for the 100 Palette Challenge! Your asks will be ignored!

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Umbreon in #48

I figured since I’ve already drawn 4/9 Eeveelutions (including Eevee) I may as well draw the rest of them to eventually make a complete set!

I drew Umbreon similar to the Espeon from a few weeks ago to act as a sort of “foil” or companion piece (although Umbreon turned out slightly bigger whoops)

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

New OC! This is Sumu; she’s a Neriq, a species creamedcoffeestains created! She gave me the honour of creating a Neriq of my own c:

I actually pumped out this ref pretty quickly, though I’ve been planning the character herself for over a month now? Character development takes a lot of time let me tell you

Larger version is here!

"Lugia’s wings pack devastating power - a light fluttering of its wings can blow apart regular houses." (R/S/E pokedex)

Lugia was only trying to show its love for its trainer :c

A compilation of all of the Pokemon icons I’ve drawn over the past few weeks!

I was originally going to draw 24 of these fantastic palette icons but since I’ve been doing so many of them for the past while, I decided to cut it short at 21 icons (which is still a lot)! They were all really fun to draw and I even got to experiment with a new style! If I had to pick a favourite out of all of these, I’d probably have to choose Sylveon or Luxray; I enjoyed drawing those two the most and the palettes chosen for them were absolutely gorgeous c:

Colours are from this palette meme (the first 4 icons only) and my 100 Palette Challenge!

Feel free to use any of these as icons for personal use on Tumblr or other sites, just remember to credit me please! I also have a .ZIP file containing all the icons available for download on deviantART

Individual icons || Icon sets || Download || How to credit me

aaaaand that’s the last of the icons I’m going to do because all I’ve drawn for the past 3 weeks or so is these palette things and I’m totally ready to start working on some traditional stuff!

It wasn’t my intention, but now that I think about it these three are all very fierce and action-y

Colours are from my 100 Palette Challenge

Feel free to use any of these as icons, just remember to credit me please c:

Nidoking || Dewott || Mewtwo

Mewtwo in #29 requested by acccelerator

SSBM Mewtwo, anyone? That’s the kind of vibe I got while I was drawing this

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

Dewott in #81 requested by mrsniopuh

I was trying to come up with an interesting pose for Dewott and all of a sudden I had a brainwave: Dewott using Razor Shell in a fashion similar to Levi’s signature spin move


Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

Hi, I'm fairly new to tumblr and I was hoping I could get some advice about my art ( you have amazing skill by the way). I love to draw and it's one of my favorite hobbies, but i find it difficult to progress and to consistently improve. I was hoping you might have some tips that could help me develop that work for you.

Well, it’s hard to say given that I don’t have examples of your progression year by year, but IMO just draw the stuff that YOU enjoy drawing. Yes, a lot of people say you should force yourself to draw things that you don’t particularly enjoy or lack skill in because knowing how to draw more things = more skill. It is useful to a degree, say, such as drawing hands (which is very important to know), but art is supposed to be fun! Of course you’ll have to eventually learn to draw things you don’t particularly want to learn, but try to incorporate it creatively into your pieces and it won’t seem like you’re dreading it!

For example, I’m not that into drawing weaponry or humans, but I REALLY like the Attack on Titan fandom and I always find myself wanting to draw fanart. One problem: I don’t really enjoy drawing humans, clothes, or weapons. How did I solve the problem? I came up with some ideas that I knew I would enjoy drawing, such as wings, and incorporated them into my artwork. You can see from these examples (starting from the least recent at the top) how I progressed from starting with an abstract, fantastical idea and eventually getting more comfortable with just the human and weaponry parts, although I did like the “wings of freedom” so much that I had to draw them again!

Anyway, personally I just draw what I like to draw; if I get stuck on a certain aspect of a drawing, I’ll stop and look at tons of references to get an idea of how to go about doing it, then go back to work with the idea in mind. It’s best practice to look at references and visualize how you’re going to draw it rather than simply copying it, you learn faster that way. There’s times where you’ll want to give up on a drawing because you can’t visualize how you want it to look like, but it’s ok to mess up your work and start again. Often the next few times turn out better than the first attempt, and I can’t tell you how many times I finish something and go back to it to fix something up!

I dunno that’s just how I approach my work, with a solid idea in mind and the intention to make it FUN rather than a chore! It might or might not work for you, but I hope it provides some insight nevertheless!

dA is a fucking joke when it comes to art theft


Here’s what’s been happening lately: I have filed many reports over the past few weeks regarding theft from some of my more popular works (mostly Pokemon fanart) as well as some other reports about official works stolen from big gaming companies like Game Freak and Nintendo that I happened to come across in the same galleries. Not a single one has been addressed, until I got this email today…

Read More

Reposting here because it’s relevant to my art stuff! And because I left dA

Are you only accepting pokemon for the 100 palette challenge?

If you bothered to read my very simple instructions at the top of my ask page, in very bold lettering, I’m not accepting any more suggestions for the 100 Palette Challenge!

I would have closed my asks completely because I keep getting requests when I clearly specified that I’m NOT accepting suggestions, but that wouldn’t be fair to the people who want to ask me GENUINE questions about my work. I’ve made it VERY clear that I will ignore any and all suggestions sent to my inbox regarding suggestions for the challenge (this being the exception since it’s an issue that needs to be addressed). I have already chosen the rest of the requests that I want to do.

To clarify, I am NOT taking any more suggestions, period. I will ignore all future requests.

Nidoking in #34 requested by anon

The anon who sent me this suggestion asked that I pick a Pokemon according to its dex number, then use the dex number as the palette to use for that Pokemon! I chose Nidoking (#34) and it ended up looking similar to its shiny form (which is blue)

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

Four more suggestions done! Colours are from my 100 Palette Challenge

Look at all of them they’re all so cute! I can’t decide which one’s my favourite

Feel free to use any of these as icons, just remember to credit me please c:

Vulpix || Goodra || Jirachi || Sylveon

Sylveon in #98 requested by thedetectiveandtheblogger

Look at this cutie ahhhhhh

One of my favourite Eeveelutions next to Umbreon

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

Jirachi in #86 requested by itsjustviviannn

"Make a wish!"

I’ve never drawn Jirachi before, which was pretty enjoyable! The tiny stars in the background were a bit tedious since I did draw them one-by-one, but it was worth it

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

Goodra in #2 requested by anon

Cute, squishy, gooey dragon! Probably the most adorable of the pseudo-legendaries

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

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