sayanythingdarling asked:
Hi, I was searching the copics tag to look at the markers ( thinking about getting some) and I saw your post about the storage thing and you mentioned something called Touch markers. Are they as good as copics, just cheaper? And where could I get some? I'd appreciate it.

I personally use the Shinhan Touch Twin Brush Markers, they’re similar to the Copic Sketch markers at nearly half the price! Shinhan markers are very comparable to Copics, some people say they have a slightly drier nib than the Copics do but I don’t have that issue with them. I’d say the blendability is roughly the same, though I’ve heard the saturation of the Shinhans is a bit lesser than Copics.

I get my markers at a local DeSerres (Canadian art store) and they do have an online site as well, but they only sell the chisel nib Shinhan markers through the site. Your best bet is to buy them online, some good sites would probably be Amazon, dickblick, Jerry’s Artarama, or MarkerPOP

Anonymous asked:
Is it ok for other artists to model their commission page after yours? I don’t have any experience doing commissions yet and I was really impressed with how professional and thorough your whole website is. I wanted to ask to make sure before I did.

I’m flattered and I appreciate that you asked before just going ahead and doing it, but please don’t model or copy any pages/work after my website. I have a disclaimer at the bottom of my website that states:

"All work is subject to copyright and cannot be used, modified, or reproduced without written consent. All rights reserved. Do not redistribute, claim, copy, edit, or use in any way."

I spent a lot of time coming up with a system that works so I don’t like it when people think that they can just take things and claim it as their own

That said, if you don’t have any experience doing commissions I suggest looking at lots of examples of commission sheets (deviantART or other Tumblr artists have some good ones) and come up with something yourself. It takes a lot of trial and error so don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work the first time! I’m always looking for ways to improve my system c:

skidar asked:
I just finished your 100 palette challenge, it was a lot of fun :) A good exercise for sure!

Holy crap, you weren’t kidding! That’s some real dedication!

I think you’re the first person to actually use ALL of the palettes in the challenge, congrats! Just… damn. I can’t imagine how much time it must’ve taken you to draw with all 100 palettes, I’m impressed

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aqua-bunny asked:
Hi there! I was wondering if you could give me a recommendation on what tablets are the best or what kind u use? I want to start getting into digital art but tablets kinda freak me out lol!

Since you’re starting out you can take a look at the Intuos Pen and Touch:

It’s around $100 and it’s easily the most affordable one in comparison to the other tablets Wacom offers. I personally use the Intuos Pro, which retails around $280 (minimum) although I don’t really recommend it to beginners - especially if they’ve never used a tablet - due to pricing. I mean, if you’ve got money to blow by all means go for it since it does have a higher resolution (lpi), pressure levels, and more features such as tilt control, but the Intuos Pen and Touch is very affordable and can still get the job done!

This is also a good article comparing the tablets Wacom carries if you’re curious about specs and want more information on deciding which tablet to choose:

shanzwa asked:
I'm sad your not taking any more requests. But I respect that. But quick question, do you draw your art on paper first or do you start on the computer first?

It really depends on what I’m drawing and how I feel

For most of my digital work I sketch, ink, and colour everything in Photoshop; works better for very complex pieces because I can edit things like perspective, proportions, etc. very quickly on multiple layers

If I’m feeling lazy and I don’t want to turn on my laptop or I don’t want to open Photoshop I take out my sketchbook then scan it in later; sometimes I can work more quickly in my sketchbook than in Photoshop because I like how my pencil feels going over the paper

But yeah most of the time I get the same kinds of artistic results regardless of whether or not I drew on paper first or drew the whole thing in Photoshop

I don’t believe one method is better than the other and it’s all a matter of preference and which one is more comfortable for you. However, I personally find it’s better if you know how to do both because then you can draw without restrictions, for example: What if your computer/tablet dies? No problem, you can draw with paper/pencil! What if your sketchbook gets wet/destroyed or you lose it? No problem, you can draw with your tablet!

If people tell you otherwise, they can go shove a stick up their ass!

All the Eeveelutions using colours from my 100 Palette Challenge! My favourites are Vaporeon and Sylveon c:

Feel free to use any of these as icons for personal use on Tumblr or other sites, just remember to credit me please!

Vaporeon || Jolteon || Flareon || Espeon || Eevee || Umbreon || Leafeon || Glaceon || Sylveon