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Welcome to my art blog! People know me as FallenZephyr, but just call me Fallen c: I'm currently studying in the SIAT program (School of Interactive Arts and Technology) at SFU

I enjoy drawing things like dragons, fantastical creatures, Pokemon, animals, and other random things!

This blog is mostly SFW. Please read my FAQ before asking me any questions!

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This time of year is always so busy for me but I had to do something for inktober

Pigma Micron 005, 01, 02 on Strathmore 400 Bristol board

Mawile in #52

Don’t mess with Mawile, those jaws are more than just for looks! Weirdly enough this palette is pretty close to its shiny version

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

Super quick animation of Mega Pidgeot

Noivern in #3

I love this fruity bat-dragon so much

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

I’m feeling in the mood for some more Pokemon icons but I don’t know which palettes and Pokemon to choose

Please send me some suggestions: a palette number and a Pokemon!

I’ve crossed out the palettes I’ve used already, so please only suggest a palette I haven’t used yet as well as any Pokemon other than the ones listed below (since I’ve already drawn these):

Milotic, Goodra, Noivern, Eevee, Houndoom, Jolteon, Dragonite, Zoroark, Mewtwo, Talonflame, Nidoking, Umbreon, Absol, Luxray, Vulpix, Serperior, Raichu, Dewott, Leafeon, Jirachi, Flareon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Sylveon

Keep in mind that these aren’t requests, I just need some suggestions to get my art vibes flowing as I’m doing these as free icons for everyone to use c:

And if you want to do the palette challenge yourself, here’s the original post

Serperior in #73

My favourite grass starter! The colours from this palette really remind me of autumn

Feel free to use this as an icon, just remember to credit me please!

This is Viri’s anthro form; she also has two feral forms (deer and kirin) although their designs need some slight adjustments so everything makes sense c:

I was originally going to post her as a standalone piece, but I couldn’t figure out what to do for a background… so I decided to make a sort of mini reference sheet instead! I was also thinking of making Viri my fursona since I don’t really have an official one, so this ref is going to be super helpful

Larger version here!


I finally got around to designing Viri’s anthro form! She’s a kirin, a creature depicted in Chinese mythology as a dragon/equine hybrid. Viri is a dragon/deer kirin rather than dragon/horse

and yes she has two antlers, kirin are most commonly seen with antlers because of the influence of the Chinese dragon, which has antlers

Kalos Dex Challenge: Diggersby

Diggersby is like the Wario of Pokemon; obese, muscular, and probably smells like garlic

(obligatory Diggersby tho)

"Make a wish!"

Although it’s slightly late, here’s my gift for my sweet, wonderful boyfriend for our 3 year anniversary <3

I remember near the end of our very first date, we ended up plopping ourselves on a bench and just looking up at the sky, gazing at the stars. That was the inspiration for this piece.

I admit this took way too long to finish and I was probably being over-ambitious (because stubborn me wanted to draw this in pixels) but it turned out perfect

Asks are now closed

Ok this whole referencing/copying thing is getting out of hand, I’m closing my asks for a while because I don’t want my art blog to be cluttered with text posts (and I need to focus on more art as well as my university stuff). It’s partially my fault for responding to so many asks in the first place, people have so many differing opinions on how art should be used and just looking at the text-heavy posts on my blog makes me sad because it should be art posts instead


  • Please don’t use my art without my permission; don’t copy, reference, use, or trace my work
  • Please respect that I have the right to deny use of MY OWN ART for any reason
  • If you don’t like the fact that I don’t let people use my art you can go elsewhere or find another artist that will let you use theirs (not all artists like people using their art! what a surprise!)
  • I am the copyright holder of WHAT I CREATED, NOT the idea, pose, concept, medium, or whatever crap people come up with
  • How you improve as an artist is really up to the choices you make with your art and how you learn

I’m completely done with discussing why this method is right/wrong and why I’m wrong and whatever

Back to the important things: creating art and working on my degree

Expect to see art-only posts for the next while

If you need to get a hold of me send asks to fallenscythe (my main blog) but I will not be answering asks regarding any of the above topics or issues

  Anonymous said:
If you don't post it anywhere/no one sees it but you does it matter? Also you're wrong, copying by eye (not tracing) teaches you technical skills and is encouraged in every art book I have ever had

Yes, it does matter. If you ask someone and they say “no, please don’t”, it’s a matter of being respectful. I can’t stop people from doing it privately but if they ever post it in public then you broke that artist’s trust and things will probably get ugly

Would you want the same thing done to you if you expressed that you don’t want others to copy your work? The answer is probably no.

In regards to your last comment, here’s a few good articles as to why I said that copying an artist’s work is not the best idea:



Okay, thanks for telling me! You were really nice about it! You're a great artist by the way

You’re very welcome! (I thought I sounded a bit too harsh though, sorry)

It’s just strange that people think I’m claiming that I copyrighted the poses? The only thing I’m copyrighting is my own artwork and my own characters, and as the creator of my work I’m allowed to decide who can and who can’t use it. I just find it incredibly sad that people can get so angry over an artist saying “no, you don’t have permission to use my work because of these reasons, please don’t use my work”

Also on a side note if people want to reference poses Google is the place to go, stock photos are the best for that kind of thing

  Anonymous said:
Hmmm I think it's ok to copy a work for the purpose of practicing. I only think it's not ok if the person claims it as anything but an attempted copy of another person's work Drawing from references is a big thing and is ok

Yes, you’re right that a lot of people copy things for the sake of practicing; however, it’s not ok if the person claims it as their own work and it’s also not ok to copy another artist’s work without their prior permission!

There is a big difference from drawing from references (specifically photo references!) and copying an artist’s work.

I actually explain this in my FAQ:

Q5: Am I allowed to trace/reference/copy your artwork?

Nope, sorry. I don’t allow people to trace/reference/copy my work. If you get some inspiration from my art that’s perfectly fine and I encourage you to look at lots of other artists’ works, but I don’t particularly like it when people just copy or trace over my work, or even reference it.

The reason why I don’t allow people to use my work as a reference or to copy is because simply copying other peoples’ art doesn’t mean you become a “better” artist, it just means you can copy someone else’s style or techniques. You don’t get the whole “process” of how the artist got there, such as ideas, concepts, thought process, etc. Also, by copying the works of other artists, you unknowingly gain their bad drawing habits, the most common being poor anatomy! In my opinion some of the best methods of improving is to:

  • Collect lots of art that inspires you and just look at it for inspiration and ideas.
  • Use photo references! Can’t get that leg or hand to look right? Look up some pictures to get the idea of how each part is structured, then go back to the piece you were working on.
  • Repeatedly draw something until you feel relatively comfortable with it and without having to constantly use a reference to draw it!

And the most important thing: Don’t worry about developing a style. Just worry about getting the basics down, and your own style will eventually shine through.